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Look at this smug bastard face. JUST LOOK.

A neighborhood feral cat had semi-adopted us (like, was still getting used to staying in the house overnight and eating inside) when she was killed by a car a few months ago. The little bird loved that beast and the house doesn’t feel complete without a kitty, so I’ve been browsing local adoption groups and found this Russian blue boy. We’d wanted an older fixed male - hopefully a nice plump kitty who just wants to sit on laps and be petted all day - and he’s only about a year old. But I’ve read good things about Russian blues as far as being super friendly, loving, companion cats. Anyone here ever owned one and want to give me the lowdown? I’m kinda on the fence because I’d have to take time off work to go get him and between Mr Bird’s medical treatments and that wedding etc I feel like I’ve been out of the office a lot. Plus I’ll be away for work three days next week. But he might be a really awesome cat and adoption fees are reduced right now.


Anyway he’d never admit it but I think Mr Bird, self-declared Cat Hater, is missing having a kitty to pet, too. We were doing some cleaning a few days ago and I went to toss the litter box we still hadn’t gotten rid of, and he’s like “Better keep it, you might end up getting another damn cat.” Then I sent him that picture yesterday and he replied “Well I showed the picture to the little bird and now she’s asking how to say hello in Russian so you’d better get that damn cat”.

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