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Cat Food Recs

Hey ya’ll...I’m looking to try switching my cat food for Mr. QuiQue but I would like your input on any brands that are good. People at my work just had almost a screaming match about how feeding dry food only is horrible and basically will kill your cat. Soooooo, yeah. I’ve been feeding Qui Blue Buffalo for his almost two years and he seems to be doing really well on it - he is super energetic, his coat is smooth and his bathroom visits are very regular and normal.

Thoughts and brands that may be better? Trying to avoid a very costly brand. Thanks!

UPDATE: MANY THANKS to all who responded. You guys always amaze me and it’s clear you all are incredible Cat Moms and Dads.


I’m going to try to introduce QuiQue to a wet ‘treat’ when I get home in the evenings but still keep him on his dry for now. I also wasn’t aware it was common that cats did not get enough water. I’m also contemplating getting one of those little fountain waters that maybe he can play with. Lord knows he has taken over the house with making it a custom QuiQue play station for him with all his play things. 


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