Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I have a 11yo ginormous orange tabby who has always been a love bug. A totally relaxed cat, amazingly tolerant of my dog. Mild-natured, goofy. He has always loved playing and exercising (i.e. bounding through the house at 3am). Loves everyone and jumps on people’s laps.

But recently he has taken to bopping me on the top of my head with his paw. Um...hard. Sometimes he gets me from the side, his claws are super sharp but I am unsure if the claws are actually out. Every time he does this he has this wild (and terrifying to me) look in his eyes. He won’t do it unless we make eye contact.

One time he did it I was getting the eye boogers off his face, which I was like “okay I was being too aggressive fair enough.” But then out of nowhere today he got that look and I hid behind my arms and avoided eye contact. I am trying catnip, toys and special attention, but I’m just worried it might be something else?


Why is my cat beating me up? Has anyone else had this happen before?

Feel free to talk about whatevs~

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