Holy. Shit.

I found these batshitcrazy neckties for your cat on Etsy (HAHAH BECAUSE OF COURSE). Apparently there's a ton of them out there. Which tells me this is an actual thing that people actually buy.

I wonder how long that cat in the bottom right kept that pose in his necktie before he clawed out the eyes of the person who put this on him?

It's pretty obvious something must done about this. So—-

Who wants to join me in my plan to get rich by selling cat neckties???? This is a no-brainer here. I have a ton of ideas. We can make neckties for cats with tons of things cats love—like birds or fish or balls with little bells inside them or little fuzzy rubber mice or loose bits of string on your skirt hem.



ETA: OMG!!!!!!!! Do you think the mainpaging of this post to Jezebel will help me in my dreams of becoming a writer for Catster?????


DOUBLE ETA: The lovely, wonderful Gillian Jacobs (BRITTA!!!) from Community sends some tweet love, Groupthink!


WHOA. JUST WHOA, you guise.

I mean. It's no dream job writing for Catster. But it's a start!