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Cat or Kitten?

The dude and I are going to get a cat in a few weeks. We're taking care of my folks' cats this summer, but once they're gone, it's off to the shelter we go.

But this is our first animal joint decision , so we'll need some help.

1. Kitten or Cat?

It'd be alone for maybe 5 hours a day. I'd finally like a new animal (I tend to adopt the oldest, saddest things) with no baggage. He thinks kittens are too much work and we'd be overwhelmed.


2. Boy or Girl?

He's fallen in love with one of our summer cats and they chill together at all times like bros. He's convinced male cats are just chiller. I've never had a female cat, but I don't think you can generalize like that.


3. Short or Medium Hair?

We brush daily so does it really make a difference?

4. Strict Feeding times or grazing?

My mom's boys graze. One of them had been deprived food so sobs uncontrollably when there's no food in his bowl...or when there's too little food. My mom's heart broke so we bought him a feeder where food's always available. They're a little husky, but still healthy. But I worry that without a playmate, our cat may not get as much play.


5. How do we pick out a chill one?

We went to the town's shelter, so it was a little cramped, loud, and overall not a relaxing place. There were a few shy and timid cats, but how can you tell if they're always like that or if that's a function of the shelter. The "getting to know you space" is a large chain link cage closer to the dogs, so that doesn't seem helpful.


6. Vaccinations

I can just count on herd immunity, right?


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