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As promised, here are pics from Sheba’s birthday party last night:

Cat picture curtain.
Brie and crackers mice.
Cats in the Garden, our take on Ants on a Log.
Cat pizza and glittery bottle of champagne (which we didn’t end up drinking).
The front door.
Signature “cat”tail, Whiskers on Kittens.
Left to right: My mom’s card for Sheba, a coloring book, and cat ear headbands.
Cat bunting
Cat plates and cat-fetti.
Close up of cat curtain and meow bunting.
This morning’s aftermath. I just noticed the knife; it’s there because we were using it to cut the fruit torte, which was DELICIOUS!
Sheba, very excited about the party.

We had a fun time, good folks, and BoyPenguin may have a had a little too many meowtinis, but we’re feeling pretty good this morning. And, because most of the food was eaten, there wasn’t a ton of cleanup this morning! We do have most of a chocolate cake leftover, though.

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