I know there is this thing called The Googles but I know you all will have more expedient advice for my question, which is multi~part.

I am making dog & cat biscuits to sell. I have bacon & chicken versions & a carrot ginger version for vegetarian pet people. Both contain CHEESE!!!


I’d like to make a special catnip version.

Here are my dog person questions for my cat person friends:

* The raw dough weighs 1.25 pounds (2.5 cups of whole wheat flour plus the other stuff)

* The finished cat~bite is a 3/4 inch by 3/4 inch square. (EDIT! : little less than 1/2 inch square. Must learn ruler...)

* Does catnip retain its’ properties when baked in something? Im thinking similar to pot brownies, which I’ve never made, either...


* How much should I use in each batch of dough?

* Do I need to cook it or concentrate it somehow before I add it to the dough?

* Do you have an internet source for catnip, that ships?

Thank you, kitty~kats:)


(p.s.~ I have been absent lately & I’m sorry, if you’ve noticed)