So. What a cat.

Apparently, she was well behaved on the flight and was quiet most of the time. The minute we got home she just knew. She knew. She leapt out of the cat carrier and started sniffing. She investigated my entire apartment and rubbed against me and purred and ran around and found the cat nip and played. And that was that. No transition at all.

So little transition, in fact, that she decided that 3am was time to play. And then she meowed for hours. Meow meow meow meow purr crash meow purr meow meow meow meow. I kept thinking these were meows of distress, but no... these were meows for play. Holy shit, cat. I am the world's lightest sleeper, so we need to ween this habit and stat. Hopefully she just has jet lag and altitude sickness and general disorientation and will figure out how silly it is to try to play with me at night.

She also hated the litter box. Like, you put her in it and she freaks out and runs away as fast as possible. So, at 3:25am, when she wouldn't stop meowing, I mixed in the 2nd kind of litter I bought that's less hippy-dippy and therefore I was trying to avoid using. But because it's clay and has attractive herbs in it, I thought she'd finally understand that this was the litter box. Nope, still hated it.


At some point she stopped meowing, because I actually got a whopping 3 hours of sleep.

And then, this morning, I discover that she pooped on the bath mat. CAT! NO.

So I put two of those pieces of poop (gagging the whole time and repeating "this is why I don't want a dog, this is exactly why I don't want a dog" back in the litter box, hoping she'd understand. She didn't. Instead, she rubbed against my leg and purred and looked all coy... and then she ran behind the laundry machine and got stuck. Awesome.


Finally, after rescuing herself from the back of the washer and rubbing her entire body in cat nip and eating some breakfast and running around in circles chirping, I left for work. My friend who flew her here slept over, and when I left I heard her say, "Come on, Cat, I need to pee and you're coming with me." Ten minutes later, I get a text that she peed in the litter box! Oh thank the heavens.

Honestly, everyone, I am really stressed about the meowing. I'm hoping that she's just talking a lot right now because everything's so new, but tonight I'm going to try keeping her out of the bedroom while I sleep. Good luck to me, right? I'm sure I'm in for hours of howling and scratching at the door. It's my house, Cat, my rules!


Thanks for everyone's support yesterday! I know it may have seemed like I was panicking for no reason, but... honestly I'm still panicking a little. I don't know how suited I am to have a pet in a small place and on my own and with my allergies. Everyone's reassured me that I can always re-home her if it's a better fit for both of us, so we'll see how things go for a while.

And here she is, in the one second she stood still:


She is super cute, no?

p.s. Why does my photo look right-side-up when I edit but no so when I post?