Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

A cat, with a human, is getting on an airplane and flying to me tonight. I have never lived with a cat on my own. Will the cat drive me crazy? Will the cat help with chores? Will the cat yell at me that I'm no fun and pull my hair and chew my computer and steal my jewelry and tell my neighbors my secrets?

Today, the doctor told me that my very sensitive hive-prone skin and severe dust/pollen/air allergies should avoid living with cats. I said, "No problem; I will avoid living with cats... until tonight. Then the grand experiment begins."


I am not not living with this cat. She's getting on the plane very soon. Please reassure me that we'll get along and she won't be smelly and my clothes won't be furry and I haven't forgotten something really cat-important like litter (I did buy litter).

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