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Welcome To The Bitchery

I need help figuring out what might be wrong with my terrible cat - my cat has recently taken to pooping outside of the litter box. She started a few weeks ago and I got her a new litter box and litter and she kept it up, so I realized that it was because I was trying to switch her to a new dry food. We changed back to the old food and she very kindly started using the box again. So I assumed all was well, but this weekend she started going outside the box again. It's always in the same spot (right outside my boyfriend's closet). It looks like normal poo, so I don't think she has intestinal issues, plus she's acting normal otherwise. I haven't changed anything else about her routine lately, so I'm totally stumped. I guess I'll take her to the vet next week if she keeps it up, but I'm so frustrated with her. I want to just ask her "hey, what's your damage, cat?" but, being a cat, she doesn't have much to say about it. So instead I'm left driving myself crazy wondering what the hell is wrong with her. Any ideas??!??? This terrible creature thanks you, as do I.

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