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Welcome To The Bitchery

Cat question!

So this afternoon Mr. Ivriniel was reminiscing about cats he used to have, and mentioned that one of his old cats used to do this really strange thing. Apparently the cat would sleep in the litterbox that he shared with another cat. And he wouldn’t just curl up in a ball. He would sprawl all over it, so they would have to bathe him on a regular basis.

Is this a thing? Or was this a particularly stupid cat?

Apparently he was neutered but would still spray things, especially the curtains on the basement window, and on at least one occasion, Mr. Ivriniel’s ex. So maybe he just really liked the smell? I don’t know...


Eta: Mr Ivriniel says he didn't do it all the time. Just now and then. This was not clear when I made the post.

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