Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

For the last two or three years there have been two stray cats coming around our house. One is a girl, the other a boy. They are both pretty chill cats and they seem to get along well. Spooky was the more dominate of the two and the only time Toby, the boy cat, had shown aggression is when other boy cats would randomly come around.

About 3 months ago Toby disappeared and we assumed something bad happened to him. Fast forward to Tuesday and he shows up again. We are very happy he is back but he is being really aggressive with Spooky (girl cat). He is following her around everywhere she goes and he is loudly meowing at her a lot. Yesterday, I was sitting outside and he jumped on her and dug his teeth into her back. I wasn’t sure what to do because I didn’t want him to bite me, so I threw a few small rocks at him but he wouldn’t budge. Eventually Spooky was able to turn on her back and she pawed him off. He continued to follow her around and they eventually ran off somewhere. Today he is still being aggressive towards her and he doesn’t even let her eat in peace. When she is eating she is constantly having to look behind her and if he is too close she will move away.


Is there anything we can do about this? Will he get over this behavior in a few days? I’ve never owned cats before so I’m not sure why he is suddenly acting this way.

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