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I'm about to leave to go pick up my neighbor from the airport, after having watched her two cats (and taken care of her landlord's 3 cats) for the last two weeks. I took her to the airport as well. Maybe I'm just cranky, but I'm a little annoyed.

She didn't so much as ask me to take care of her kitties as much as she assumed I would have no problem with it. One of her cats is 18 years old and has a variety of medicines she has to take every day. She was also in a cone due to an eye injury for the first week. I had to rub ointment in her eye twice a day on top of the pills. The neighbor also asked me to spend every other night or so at her place so that the old cat wouldn't be alone for two long. This seriously messed up my schedule the last two weeks, as I usually spend weekends with MitsuBT, and I didn't want to leave my cats alone for more than 2 nights in a row.

But I'm a nice person, so I didn't complain. I figured she'd at least offer to chip in some gas money since it's so damn expensive right now, but nope. She just said after she gets a few paychecks when she goes back to work, she'll take me to dinner or something.


Am I wrong in being a little annoyed at this? I wasn't expecting payment really, but it seems like it's a lot to ask someone who you don't know really well. We run together maybe 2-4 times a month, and that's about it. I basically fed and cared for 8 cats total (including my two) for the last two weeks, and I am beat. I love her cat (the old one, anyway), but it was still a lot of work.

Oh well, at least she told me I was allowed to have MitsuBT over, and she does have one of those really, really nice (huge!) walk in showers that's set into the ground and all rock-looking and stuff. We took advantage of that, at least. :)

Oh! And she told me to help myself to the drinks in the fridge, so when I texted her to say I had one of her Sobe's and a Gatorade, she responded "don't worry about replacing the Sobe, I don't care for those that much." Does that mean she wants me to replace the Gatorade? Psh.

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