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Cat Swallowed 1 Ft of String/ Induce Vomiting ?

Anyone ever induced vomiting in an animal?

I made bacon wrapped asparagus tonight and set the bacon grease drenched string on the table for like two seconds and the next thing I know my cat ate it.

ER Vet says watch for him to poop it out and if it is hanging cut don't pull. Or, bring him in and they can induce via a shot.


Internet says induce at home w/ 1tsp of Hydrogen Peroxide per 10lbs of animal.

Cat is <10 lbs so if I go this route I'd start w/ .5 tsp of HP.

My husband is very hesitant but doesn't want to pay for the ER visit and is worried about inducing from home. I think our best chance at avoiding a big issue w/ it possibly being caught in his digestive tract is inducing from home....

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