I locked my boy cat Merlin in the dark bathroom, for like 15 minutes because I'm terrible. I tried giving kisses and cuddles so he knows I love him. Apparently treats work better.

The part that gets me is his sister Morgana figured out where he was before I did. The poor little thing started running back and forth between me and the bathroom and meowing. I just assumed it was kitten time, and let her do it for 5 minutes before I investigated.

I adulted today, two loads of laundry at the Geekboy's parents. He washed his car, I hung out with his mom. (She also gave me all the gossip about his BIL's family, so that was interesting.) Then I went grocery shopping for the first time in weeks, seriously we were down to like French dressing for dinner.

I should clean the house tomorrow. I'm not going to beat myself up if I don't I ended up covering for two people on vacation at work. I think that deserves a mental health day.

In the finding a psychiatrist/therapist front the CS girl I spoke to sent me, a bunch of listings outside my area. So hopefully I'll find someone on Monday. And now wine, all the wine.