I found a new catchphrase on the main page. Edited: Linkage

Generally, I wouldn't support the engagement of people who are obviously trolling, but the busiest thread is so ... enthusiastic? Ridiculous? I CAN'T EVEN WORDS.

My favorite part:

I wrote a paper pointing this out in every detail when that was the trending media topic, analyzing every aspect of each person. Do you even PubMed?

My catchphrase from henceforth shall be, "Do you even PubMed?"

Happy Turkey Day. FluterDale out!

Catching Fire Director Says J. Law Would Suck in Actual Hunger Games

Jennifer Lawrence just became even more of your BFF because even though she is beautiful like a goddammed golden gazelle, she's apparently as klutzy as an elephant in a tutu on roller skates in an ice rink. Or something along those lines.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire director Francis Lawrence stopped by Reddit for an "ask me anything" and people asked him everything! But mainly questions about Jennifer Lawrence, because GIVE US THE PRECIOUS.

About working with J.Law, he says:

Jen is awesome. She truly is. She's a great girl, she's really fun, she's really funny, she's very down to earth, she's super-humble and extremely talented and I work with her more than anybody on set because she works pretty much every day, and she never ceases to surprise me with her performance and her choices but never takes herself seriously and she's very endearing because of it.


He went on to say that she'd never win the Hunger Games because she's "way too klutzy." HIGH FIVE, JEN! Team Awkward Nerd for life — come sit next to us and let's watch Honey Boo Boo and eat bon bons forever.