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Just got home and off to bed, but I wanted to start the post-midnight showing reactions thread. Come share yours too. Spoilers abound within.


  • Love that they added Snow's granddaughter-might add a lot to the new games discussion in Mockingjay
  • they also used Prim really well
  • Rue's family = heartbreaking
  • Phillip Seymour Hoffman is beyond brilliant
  • ditto Woody Harrelson
  • Sam (Finnick) and Jena (Johanna) nailed it
  • Katniss leaving Peeta with "meet me at midnight" IS the hanging tree song
  • they're actually handling the love triangle reasonably well


  • OMG, way too many close ups
  • some bad CGI
  • I missed the bread (but kinda agree on cutting it)
  • lots of accent slips all over the place
  • did I mention the close ups?

Pro/Con: Felt more like Mockingjay setup than it's own story a lot of the time (but the same can kinda be said for the book).

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