Oh how I miss my friends here!!! I have popped in on BT, CLT, and here occasionally, but it’s hard when my brain is just like WEDDING WEDDING. I don’t think I’m much of a bridezilla but I don’t procrastinate, so I have a constant stream of gift bags (for the guests - I’ve made them over the past several weeks) and thank you notes going. We’ve also had two separate visits from my almost in-laws, which was a lot, and my maid of honor and her mom are on me about every detail.

The hardest thing is a) not having enough time to concentrate on Mr. McCoy and me as a couple, and b) my dad being gone. I didn’t think about Dad until a couple of weeks ago when my mom acted like a jerk (surprise!) at a dinner with Mr. M’s mother. If Dad were here there would be so much more joviality and calm. He was a very funny and gregarious person who would take a lot of joy from hosting this party and also make the time I have to spend with my mom a lot more bearable. (Yes, we could’ve left Mom out of the whole thing, but I did want a traditional wedding with all my friends there.)

Anyway, I’m looking for a perfect way to honor Dad. His name is printed in the invite. I am having my best friend since age 2, who is like a brother to me, give me away. (I’m not sure how comfortable his boyfriend is with this, to be honest.) Would it be very weird if we did a father-daughter dance too? I thought perhaps my friends’ dads who helped raise me and will be in attendance could do dances with me instead, or cut in after Bro and I start the dance. I think it would mean a lot to them. My sister had Dad’s friends participate but I am not as close to them.

Mom has vetoed an empty chair for Dad as a bit too sad, which I can definitely see. We’re decorating the whole affair with his favorite flowers (which are my favorite color). Can anyone think of other little things we could do, or could you help me brainstorm on the dance? I did not get the sense that my “brother” is totally comfortable with doing this on his own.