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Jezebel's Doug Barry and GT author Pyrax mentioned this in back in September of last year, and now Ars Technica republished a Wired.co.uk article about Lady Dinah's Cat Cafe opening in London.


Writer Nate Lanxon stopped by to check it out:

Cat toys and beds adorn the floors and the cats seem very happy, even with 20 people in the room with them. There are plenty of spaces for tired animals to escape attention, and indeed some had taken advantage of this; whereas active cats skirt the floors looking for attention and the next set of hands adventuring for a cuddle. It's a sight I was very pleased to see. As an animal lover the last thing I wanted to discover was a room full of nervous, frightened cats confused by excited patrons. "I do know there are people who have concerns about a business like this and I think they are valid concerns," said Pears. "I just hope they will be open-minded enough to pop in and see that our cats are happy and that we're doing our very best to keep them that way."

March 1 was opening day for Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium, which was originally crowdfunded successfully on Indigogo back in February of 2013. According to Lady Dinah's webiste, the cafe requires 5 pound fee to visit the cats, or you can get a nine lives card for nine entries at 3 pounds each, though the opening of the cafe that is both cat free and free to enter.


The article has a full image gallery of adorable cats romping around the cafe so be sure to check it out. Lady Dinah's web site also features this video of some of the employees.

For those in the states wanting a Cat Cafe, your best bet may be to keep an eye on these San Francisco entrepreneurs who hope to open one in the bay area called KitTea. And though I'm a member of team cat, that name makes the pun enthusiast in me pine for the possibility of a Dog and Indian cuisine restaurant named Dog Ghee.


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