This is his new favorite thing to do, just stretch out on my bed with one paw extended in a come hither fashion, as if to say "you there. Fetch me some grapes. Peeled grapes. HAND PEELED. Now FEED THEM to me. One by one."

I moved into my new apartment, guys! I've been MIA while finals crunch is still going on, but my last test is on Wednesday. So far, I've gotten A's in both history and French, and my French instructor said some incredibly lovely things about my grades and my work ethic and poise while knowing I had a really rough year. It made me cry like a little baby in the best way possible.

How are you other students out there holding up? Any post finals celebrations in the works? I made myself spaghetti tonight, and now I'm about to finish it off with some espresso gelato. :)