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I am watching a lot of TV today because it's the first time I've stayed home on a weekend instead of partying like the wild young thing I am.


I'm watching Catfish. Firstly, this dude is HOT. How is the internet not constantly talking about this dude and how hot he is. HE IS SO HOT. Look at his... just.. look at him. Look at his face and his sooty eyelashes and he wears his retainer to bed and look at his hands!!

How have I never heard of or seen him before. The lady who wrote the real life fan fic comments on how nice his teeth are. His teeth are nice. His chest hair is... hilarious. And according to that photo I got off the internet he was in my city and why didn't I meet him and marry him forever.

I think I'm in love.

Secondly - this is a hoax doco, right?

Somebody please squee with me.


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