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I have a FB friend who is a lawyer who is very liberal and gets into arguments on his own political posts and rants all the time.


I can not tell you how much I enjoy watching him OWN the people who argue with him. He's just so smart and good at making his points clearly. And, bonus, I agree with him.

Right now someone is arguing against Net Neutrality on his FB because it's too much government regulation. GAWD people voting against their own self-interests is so frustrating. This dipshit seems to think that the government essentially de-monopolizing the fucking internet is the same as the government controlling the internet. Idiot.


My friend is like, "If you can turn off Hannity for two seconds, we can talk about this." Haha.

Anyway, that is all.

ETA: Image didn't post the first time...

ETA 2: It's worth noting (though not really worth a screenshot because of a million uninteresting comments) that the guy he was arguing with basically told him to "calm down" and that if he was going to be "mean" he wouldn't have this argument. Ah, make sure you just address tone rather than content.

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