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Catharsis (Movies that always make you cry)

Do you ever make yourself cry on purpose to relieve stress or tension? Because I do.

Thank goodness I don't have to do it very often but once in awhile, ya need a good cry.


This weekend, I'm planning on Indian food out with HomeyHeart, the farmer's market, Skyping with my grandma and watching movies to make myself cry for a few hours.

Because crying's magic. I will watch my preferred cathartic movies, sob for a bit and... I'll feel better. Just like that.

My go-to movies for the cathartic cry include Steel Magnolias, Beauty and the Beast (I know he's gonna come back to life but why do people gotta be so mean?!), and Julie and Julia (a happy cry). The Color Purple always gets me and The Hours fucking wrecks me. For real. I can't do anything for at least 2 hours after I finish watching it.

What about y'all? Do you do this, too? What makes you cry every time? What should I add to my catharsis repetoire?

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