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Cathy Yan Will Direct Harley Quinn's Birds of Prey movie

I am excited. According to Grace Randolph this movie will premiere the Batgirl prior to her own movie. Seems similar to Justice League where they put in Aquaman prior to his own movie.

The other member of Birds of Prey will be the Huntress or Black Canary. I would like the Huntress as the daughter of Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle which she was in some Batman universe. I really want them to bring in Selina Kyle into the DCEU. She would be Bruce’s age so make her the crime boss like she was in the latter New 52 books where she keeps the gangs under her in line or as a Senator which I believe she was in the late 80s or ran for Senate.


Having the Huntress as Kyle/Wayne’s daughter brings the Gordon/Wayne relationship into the next generation. Although have Barbara and The Huntress know each other’s identity.

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