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Cats... amirite?

Last week I was cutting raw chicken tenders in to “bite-size” pieces for a slow cooker recipe.

My cat, Abbie, gets very interested. Now, for background, Abbie is 14 years old and not much of a “people food” fan. He will eat a little bit of cooked chicken but loses interest after a few bites.

Anyway, so I’m cutting away and he comes up, stands on his back legs, waves a front paw at me to get my attention and starts chirping. I cut a few small pieces and put it in his bowl as I’m telling him “you don’t want it. you’ve never liked it before”. Well apparently now raw chicken is EVERYTHING! I kept giving him bits and he would eat them and ask for more. He ate half a tender before being satisfied.


I had two extra tenders so I diced those and put them in the fridge in case he still liked it the next day. Based on past experiences I figured he would not be interested later. Expected scenario: I put some in his bowl, he sniffs and give me the “What the hell is this?” look.

But the next day he was just as interested. This went on four more days until I ran out of chicken.

On my last store run I purchased thighs because they are less expensive and I thought that he would like them better because they have more flavor.

I was wrong.

I cut four thighs (my hands were killing me on the last one) into little pieces and put in an empty ice cube trays so I could freeze it for convenient daily meals. I had kept some out so I called Abbie and, when he came in, put it in his bowl. He sniffed and.... gave the “the look”.


So apparently he like the more expensive white meat because of course he does.

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