In August I move in with my fiance. He has two cats. The cats and I mostly get along. What do I need to know?

They're still 'young', about two? They're still a bit skittish around me because they are really dumb and haven't gotten 100% used to me yet.

I know how to feed them. I've got that part down. They're not consistent about their love of treats; sometimes they want them, sometimes they couldn't care less.

I know eventually that they'll accept me as a provider of noms and become more affectionate, like they are with fiance. Well, that's what he tells me, anyway. He grew up with cats so I trust his judgement here.

Now, the tough questions: how quickly can cats change their habits? Right now, the cats are free to go into the bedroom as they please. However, I start school in September. My desk is going in the bedroom. If I'm working on something, I'm going to close the door and not let the cats in. I don't care if they whine or poke their paws under the door; they are staying the hell away from all my papers. I've seen enough of "Get Out of There Cat" to know they would quickly take over anything I was paying attention to that isn't them because cats are jerks.


Fiance also sleeps with the bedroom door open, so the cats are free to go in and out as he sleeps. This annoys the crap out of me when I sleep over. I feel it when they come in and start poking me and investigating me. I don't want them on the bed, because I will accidentally kick them when I try to sleep. Or, I'll notice them there and then I won't be able to move. he's gotten used to them being on the bed, but I don't want them there. At all. I don't want to get used to them, I want them to leave me be so I can sleep through the night uninterrupted.

And I know they wake him up, too, when he tosses them off the bed, but he is perfectly fine with them interrupting his sleep schedule?? Is this kitty Stockholm Syndrome where they employ sleep torture but he can't admit it because he now empathizes with his captors??


How long will it take for them to get used to the idea that bedroom may be off limits for X hours at a time?