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Adoption floor was super busy today, so I didn’t get as many pictures as I wanted. I held a ragdoll cat like a baby, had a giant cat escape under a storage shelf, had a kitten bat at the torn hem of my jeans so much I was afraid I’d step on him, and had to call the vet techs to save a kitty that started foaming at the mouth. There was also a sign in the volunteer room about asking for help when pulling a cat out for visits, because he’s so fat he requires two sets of hands for hoisting.

But look at this pretty little bobtail manx mix! He looks like he’s half bunny and feels like it too!


Yes, all of us volunteers tend to wear the same shoes.

And then there was this little ragamuffin, who came in as a stray and is 5lbs at 5 years old. I hope someone takes her home to fatten her up.


And I got my little “Happy Anniversary” pop up when I signed in! Time to keep an eye on a fat cat for myself!

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