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So in September, my husband and I bought a nice new couch, love seat and arm chair set. It is awesome and we love it. We were covering it with blankets when we weren't home to deter our cats from scratching. Recently we discovered they have been putting their paws UNDER the covers and scratching (brats!). It's not bad, but we don't want it to get bad. So, when we first got the furniture, I put those soft claws deals on them and while they weren't bad, they weren't great either. One cat basically chewed his paws until he ripped many off. The other cat didn't really care but then he never really shed most of them and I had to cut them off (then his claw looked like a bird's talon for a while). That's when the covers came in. Obviously that didn't work. Now I am trying the sticky paws tape on the corners (where they scratch) but it is expensive and basically sticks to us as we walk by. Any recommendations from you guys? Is there something that is not expensive that will keep these ungrateful cats (who have a six foot tall cat tree and two scratchers in the house) from destroying our beautiful new furniture?


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