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Cautionary tale about backing up data (ETA: ALWAYS keep hard copies)

ETA: I found hard copies of 2/3 of the documentation I need. The rest will have to be extracted by hand from the calendar pages I saved from that year. This was after going to storage (an hour away), realizing I didn't have the key because it's on a different ring, a fairly significant meltdown, going home, finding key, going back and searching for over two hours. Dust, twisting, turning, lifting. At least it wasn't raining.

Oh, and after we got home, grabbed Little GV and got into the car to go to Mr GV's folks' for corned beef and cabbage, I shifted into reverse and the top of the gearshift literally came apart in my hand. It didn't seem like a "car no go" thing, so I didn't freak out. Nothing critical broke, but the post it sits on is wrapped in ballet tape. *sigh*

I'm working on professional licensure in my field about six years after I received my degree. It's an expensive process and I basically couldn't afford to get it going until I had a job that would pay for it. I've been very judged and shamed by a co-worker and to some extent my boss for not having done it sooner (not even getting into that because rage). It's been a lesson in finesse to continue moving forward without saying anything after my first attempt to explain my situation fell on deaf ears.


So, another freakin' application process. So documentation. Very stress. Much meltdown.

I have every piece of documentation covered except one - my internship hours. My supervisor, the woman who ran the intern program at that site, DIED of a heart attack several months in. They got someone with the right credentials to fill in for the rest of the year. I couldn't get a hold of her(she didn't answer any phone calls or emails) until I contacted the Program Manager of the site and he emailed her. It turns out she destroyed the files from that year. I'm not 100% sure she kept good records in the first place, but whatever.

After a bit of a "moment", I contacted my university. When I got home I combed through the two enclosed hard drives where digital copies may live. Nope. Everything on those is about one year newer than the info I'm looking for.

That means one of my backup copies was on the hard drive of the laptop I had before. The one that completely fried when an ant got into the keyboard, completed some sort of circuit and the whole thing died.



One other possibility is a terabyte drive Babydaddy had. I called him the next day. That drive crapped out completely months ago. He's worked in IT for 20-something years and took it to work to see if anyone could help and the fucker is GONE. I asked the university and it will take several weeks to find any info, even if they have it, which sounds unlikely.



So, what do I get to do tomorrow? Drive an hour to get to a storage unit that is a disaster. I dissolved when I realized this is now my only option to find any official documentation of the year I spent commuting three hrs/day while Babydaddy shouldered all of the finances, a lot of cleaning, making dinner and taking care of Little GV (she was 2 1/2). The year I made minimum wage with one day off a month and gas was so expensive I actually had to call in broke once.


I think my psyche lost some structural integrity for a brief time. Then tears. Lots of them. I know I don't have the physical strength to lift, move and go through all of those boxes. I'm literally scared at this point. I know Mr GV will be right there with me, but I'm still freaked the fuck out. Then he says, rather fiercely, "I'll move every single box out of that storage unit and then move every single one back in if I have to." He fucking meant it, too. Like this is something he wants to vanquish. More tears (because that's how I react when people are nice to me), but at least my psyche started repairing itself.

Tl;dr/moral of the story: cloud storage. At least for the important stuff. I had at least two digital backups and both are gone. It's like there was a fire or flood.


Hopefully, the licensing board will be able to find something they can accept. My transcripts indicate that I passed my internship each term I was there and I received the degree. All of the participating players are more than willing to do anything they can. All I can think is that there has to be something they'll accept, since physical fires and floods do happen. I worked my ass off, I earned the degree and there's no reason I shouldn't be allowed a shot at finally being a licensed professional. Oh, and if they unequivocally state that only official documentation will be accepted (which I really can't imagine), I'm boned because I won't be able to work in my field with the degree I have without the license. Right now I'm under a time-limited exemption because of the type of agency I work for.

Today it's a potluck with a bunch of people I work with (doctors of various types, CEO of the organization, his boss. Tomorrow, we conquer storage.

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