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Cautious optimism wins!

I found and got approved for a place to live! I am super excited!

My cautious optimism was being defeated with a swiftness. 2 places were leased out before I got to look at them. The 3rd was just an overpriced shit-hole. The 4th was the winner.

*Privileged housing spew to follow*

It was remodeled (with new a/c too) and actually has thoughtful, modern design. All the appliances are new. It's small, I'll have to be smart with storage and what furniture I keep, but it's the nicest thing I've looked at, and the cheapest. And it has a patio with a tall privacy fence, so 1 - no snoopers, and 2 - I get to keep my grill! (which I wouldn't have been able to with an apartment). And it comes with outdoor table and chairs! I love this place. And the complex has a pool and tennis courts (I haven't played tennis in ages, but I kind of want to start up again), no hot tub though. The ceilings are high enough were I don't feel like a giant. The landlords are super nice, the husband is a cop and the community security officer.


So, I might be getting rid of my king size bed, and going with the full size bed with the mattress that I have had for over a decade. Needless to say, it is not the most comfortable thing. Anyone have any suggestions for a mattress topper or an affordable, yet awesome mattress?

Anyone have any tips on getting dogs to acclimate to new spaces? I'm thinking I'm going to take them to work with me for a week at least, to help with anxiety. Both of them will be doggy diapered for awhile, because I know they're going to try to pee everywhere.

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