Hivemind, I’m curious if any of you have tried, and if so, what you think of it. I recently came back from a shopping trip and saw that the local food co-op now has CBD vegan chocolate pudding, and I... kinda was like...

It seems like it’s really exploded in popularity in a weird trendy sort of way, but I’m also wondering how much of it is the placebo effect, or hype.

I’ve tried it, and now regularly use it. But it seems to me that it’s benefits are a bit oversold. The reason I use it is because I do think it does improve a bit with anxiety, and helps me relax. But it’s a fairly subtle effect. I’d say it’s similar to the effect of taking a Xanax, but not quite as powerful. However, I’ll take any help with anxiety, and that’s the reason I keep on taking it (though really, I probably need to find a new primary care doctor and get back on anti-anxiety meds). Unfortunately, it hasn’t had any effect of pain, which is kinda of bummer because I’ve been having some recurring back issues that flare up from an accident a while back. It also has been totally ineffective in helping me getting to sleep.

Anyone else had any good, bad, or just meh experiences with it?