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CBS Believes In Paying POC Costars 10 to 15 Percent Less Then White Costars

Grace Parks and Daniel Dae Kim are out from Hawaii 50. They wanted pay equality with Alex O’Loughlin and Scott Caan. They were offered 10 to 15 percent less


These two did not have minor roles. Parks and Kim’s storylines were far more in depth then Caan’s or O’Loughlin’s. Airtime last two seasons far more then Caan. Was Caan even in half the episodes last two seasons? Let’s face it Danno has been little more then a comic foil to other characters.

Also let’s be real about stars. Daniel Dae Kim was a far bigger star then O’Loghlin was when show started. O’Loughlin starred in a granted excellent but little warched vampire show then a medical drama that lasted maybe 4 episodes. Kim costarred in a highly successful show called Lost. Also Parks costarred in a long running SF show Battlestar Galactica.

There should have been pay equality from day one. Also the show is really an ensemble show then a one person driven show.

Strategically losing these two also will put a huge burden on O’Loughlin who wanted to leave at the end of this season (upcoming) due to health reasons. He has been in the background for the action scenes already this last season. The scenes where he has not he hardly moves



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