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Welcome To The Bitchery
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CBS New Shows A Goose Egg For Both

Now we only saw the first episode of each series so keep that in mind.








Last night we tried Seal Team 101 or as I think of it as Seal Team NoLols. I thought it would have some humor like NCIS or H50. Nope. Totally homurless.


Tonight we watched Me, Myself and I. I have no idea if it wants to be a comedy or drama or both. The part where Bobby Moynihan was a child seemed more sad then funny. As a 65 year old it seems to have shifted right to the Hallmark Channel. The present day well we know he will be super successful so watching him struggle seems pointless.

Seal Team 101 I always liked David Bonearez (sp) yet it appears he picked the most humorless character possible.,

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