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Well there is trouble, yes trouble in Cedar Cove.

a) Judge Olivia needs to tread carefully with this new ADA. The ADAis one cool customer. Olivia found out the new ADA did not graduate from Yale. She needs to be smart and contact the ADA's boss the DA not as I fear she will do and handle it herself.


b) Cool Customer ADA was soo cool when she met her date Warren at his office and pretending to meet Jack's son for the first time. Even though they had just broken up and had sex.

c) Jack's son is an IDIOT, when your boss who you know is unethical to put it mildly asks you to sign checks for him, run.


d) Jack is not much smarter. When your exwife who just sent you a bottle of booze knowing you are a recovering alcoholic AND tells your girlfriend Olivia that the two of you were once married taking a job from her employer is not the brightest idea, especially when your ex gave your column to her boss to get you hired.

e) Please dump Cecilia and her husband Ian. They add nothing to the show and take time away from other far better characters.


f) Justine sorry the actress is awful, please replace her or better yet dump her.

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