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Welcome To The Bitchery





1) Judge Olivia, oh when the ADA lies about where she went to college. Just let the DA handle it. Rebecca is playing you.


2) Justine and soldierboy. Oh god she cannot act one expression only. They suck the life out of the show.

3) The innkeepers, well trouble in paradise. I hope its Chaos seeking revenge after Captain Sinclair drove them away. Ooops wrong show channeling Babylion 5.


4) Judge Olivia oh when a couple seeks a divorce they tend to know better. Now they are getting a divorce. Cecelia and Ian also not good actors.

5) Jack you don't need the second job. Falling of the wagon isn't worth it for a second job.


6) Gracie oh I wanted to cry. It was so sad your boyfriends employee basically begged you to let her keep her job because of jealousy. Sorry no employee should have to do that. Your boyfriend is a keeper don't destroy it with irrational jealousy.

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