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This was a very good episode.

Grace as you all know is marrying Cliff. Grace is having her best friend Judge Olivia to be her maid of honor and Grace is having her daughter Mary Ellen be her matron of honor.


Well MaryEllen is upset that her bf. Who she stalked in season one won’t propose to her and the relationship looks over.

Grace not knowing this got her daughter to go wedding dress shopping. Grace picked a dress and showed it to MaryEllen for her wedding. This is when MaryEllen told her mother. Fine. But MaryEllen really crossed the line next by telling Grace she did not want to be part of the wedding.

My mother: How utterly selfish. If I did that to my mother she would not speak to me for a year.

Me: Then never, ever let you forget it.

Mom: You better believe she wouldn’t.

Paul the Prosecutor his sister showed up and realized Paul and Olivia has chemistry. Of course she said this when Jack was next to them seperated by a partition. Jack was not happy.


Jack as much as I am on Team Jack he can be a schmuck at times. Warren Sagat’s CFO she has befriended Jack and since they are both recovering alcoholics he has been helping her. She asked him to be her sponsor. He asked hs sponsor Captain Sheridan I mean Innkeeper Bob about her. He thought it was a bad idea. Did Jack listen? Nope. He told his girlfriend Olivia whose relationship is hanging by a thread he was thinking about it. Olivia said it was his decision. Well he decided and the CFO told her. Olivia was not amused and asked Jack if he decided on other issues. Its painfully obvious to everyone BUT Jack the CFO wants him for far more then sponsorship.

They also had a town charity baseball game. Jack was the pitcher and Paul was on the other team with Olivia. Jack nearly beaned Paul. Then when Paul was on base and ran when there was a hit Jack stepped in his way and boom. Well guess who was not happy with those two acting like junior high schoolers? Olivia.


My mother: Are these children?

Me: Nope men in their 40s.

Mom: All of them act like they are in jr high Including Olivia.

Olivia’s daughter Justine and her boyfriend tried to track down his friend who has PTSD and a vet also. The bf got his friend a job working for a commercial local fisherman. Of course with the friend not showing up for work the boyfriend said he was going to look for him leaving the fisherman with no one. The boss in real life would say “tell your friend to come back now or no job”. Of course Justine helped in the search because like every single person in town she has the Buttinski Disease.

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