Remember the great woefully unappreciated B5. Seriously why isn’t this and Xena on cable in reruns. Anyways Captain Sheridan aka Bruce Boxleitner and D’Lenn who now call themselves Bob and Peggy are essentially captains of the Cove. They are innkeepers although my mother has a good question “when do they innkeep”. D’Lenn is played by a new actress.

Bob and Peggy sort of adopted a teen after she burnt a gazeboo.

Bob, a veteran, got invovlved in a case of a young vet who lost his temper and attacked someone. Young vet now has a job and his gf is Justine the Judge’s daughter.


Bob broke up Grace and Cliff’s engagement with the dumb statement. “you cannot be half engaged”. Grace kept the engagement ring in her purse until she made up her mind. Cliff then asked Grace when they were alone to make up her mind. She handed the ring back and said she cannot be rushed.

Bob and D’lenn I mean Peggy got Grace and Cliff back together again by convincing Cliff he needs to propose properly. My mother said “Grace was manipulated and in reality she would have walked out.”. Bob and Peggy got Grace over to the inn for their (Bob and Peggy’s)) wedding anniversary instead Grace was met by Bob, Peggy and Cliff. Cliff got on his knees and proposed. Total ambush. She accepted and Bob made the lame comment that that was a great wedding anniversary gift.


Bob is also making their one lodger uncomfortable because he believes their lodger who is local DA is trying to date Judge Olivia. Jack a writer and struggling alcoholic is dating the judge and Olivia is mad rightly so because Jack started drinking again. He has since stopped and Bob is his sponsor and best friend. Jack had lied to Olivia when he started drinking again.

My mother btw is Team DA. I am Team Jack.

Now if that is not enough for him to meddle in he has also gotten Grace the job as town manager and talked the previous one to quit. Bob is also town selectman. I think he is really town Captain. Grace is town librarian now town manager.


So if you miss B5 Cedar Cove is the new B5 minus space battles, space rangers and a galactic war.