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Cedar Cove tonight proved why TV IS GOOD

This could not work on other series like NCIS or most others but it really worked on Cedar Cove well.

Every episode during commercials there is a PSA for an organization called Warriors In Pink the PSA is done by the actresses who play Grace and Peggy.

Tonight they incorporated Warriors in Pink into the storyline. Peggy mentioned a former townmember who had breast cancer and who had resources for it. She said many do not. Grace who is town manager was keen on having a bike race for Warriors in Pink. A small storyline was dedicated to that. They also incorporated major storylines around the bike race.


I never heard of the organization before this season. Ford and this organization does sponsor the show. You could not really do this on many shows yet a show like this they fit It in nicely.

Kudos for the writers for incorporating it in well and not abandon major storylines to it. They incorporated it in.

If this can help make people aware of the organization and google them and maybe contribute or have a bike race in their town. Well it proves TV IS GOOD.

https://www.warriorsinpink.ford.com here is their website. Anyone familiar with them. Good organization?

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