Adventures in the whitest show on tv.








Well Judge Olivia and Jack agreed to date more. I am so Team Jack.

Jack who works for his exwife who is editor at a Seattle newspaper was called in to the owner’S office because of Jack’s article well so they thought. He of course came, defended her because of the article was then was offered her job. He is deciding. I hope he says no. Olivia in the pilot episode turned down working as a federal judge in Seattle because her home was in Cedar Cove plus she liked being the Judge and she had met Jack.

MaryEllen who is Grace’s daughter succumbed to peer pressure and asked her mother if she could be Maid of Honor again. Grace has been thinking of eloping to Cliff since her mid20s daughter MaryEllen did not want to be part of the wedding due to her boyfriend not waning to propose to her.

Prosecutor Paul acted like a complete fool because Olivia’s brother was giving Paul’s sister a tour of the town.

Now Will Olivia’s brother who just sold his half of their mother’s house to Warren Sagat thought it was just hunky dory and thought it would be easier. Olivia told him “no easier on you”. Will then had the GALL to show up at Olivia’s house and say he was staying the night. Why? Since he sold his half of their mother’s home he had no place to stay. Olivia did not say no.


Well my mother took issue with this scene. She said in reality Olivia would have said get “get out”.

Warren Sagat who was the villian in the last two seasons really we come to find out is really a “lost boy who never got enough love from his father”. Ugh totally neutering. Also it contradicts the first season. Warren was suppose to be the age of Justine’s father. Justine is Judge Olivia’s daughter. Her parents are divorced. Now maybe a ten year age difference if that. Justine and Warren in the pilot episode were engaged even though we find out this season he is married and been married before the engagement.

Captain Sheridan I mean innkeeper Bob made peace with Paul and said Paul could stay long term if he understood Jack and Olivia are a couple. Bob meddles in everyone’s business far more then anyone else. Though Justine is a close second.