Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I loved season one. This season not so much.





Sometimes I want to shake some of these folk. Jack how could he possibly think he could hide a 2nd former wife from his girlfriend? His GF is a judge and if she did a search on him it would easily have come up. His second wife approached Olivia the judge and told her who she was.


Grace she has a great boyfriend in the Rancher. Nice, told her he loved her, offered her a spare house on his ranch. Yet she seems torn with Olivia's untrustworthy brother.

The innkeeper well he knows all. He should being a former Galactic President. Did Jack listen to him? Nope.


Justine's friend. If you toss out birth control pills don't toss it on top of the trash barrel in the bathroom. The friend wants another child her husband doesn't. Lazy writing for this. Also the actress playing Justine is sooo bad, totally lifeless performance.

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