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Celebrate All Saints' Day with some Internet Zealotry!

This popular Cyanide & Happiness cartoon was banned on Facebook after being there for months. Yes, banning is based on an algorithm at first. The article about this focuses on criticizing facebook, and it's true that facebook gets bashed around every time this WTF banning stuff happens. But the root of the problem is cultural more than technological.

People go out of their way to feel offended as if the mere existence of something makes them a victim of it. The shrinking global village means that we encounter humor, art, politics, philosophy, theology, music, fill-in-the-fucking-blank, that we don't like or support. It's just going to happen. That's what the ignore, dismiss, "don't show me this again" stuff is for. I'm making the dangerous assertion that it is possible for there to be distinct categories of "offensive" things which should be banned and things that should not. We say we are offended by things. The real defense is in articulating *why* you are offended. Okay. State your case.


A lot of issues intersect. I'm curious what your thoughts are on where ban lines can be drawn (as far as establishing cultural norms, not as far as a facebook process).

If you read the article, I can vouch that the comments are quite funny, civil, and insightful for a few scrolls. However, stop reading when commenter C Peterson lumbers onto the scene and trots out the classic "and this is why I think there's no value whatsoever in social platforms and I'm going to spend an hour arguing it on a social platform." Ain't nobody got time for that.

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