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Today is a good day. :)

Couple's therapy was definitely helpful, even on the first visit. I think just having someone other than me say some of these things will help GreenHunk. And we got to have a good honest conversation. We talked a little bit more last night and he says he feels a lot more hopeful about things. So do I - not just about the relationship, but about my life in general. A lot of things have clicked for me recently. I'm finally figuring out where I stand with spirituality, which is something I've been avoiding for a long time due to baggage. I'm learning to live with my strong emotional responses to triggers, especially anxiety and anger, instead of letting them control me. I'm learning to set healthy boundaries. GreenHunk has been doing a lot of growing too - he's finally coming to terms with having never really let anyone in before, emotionally, and realizing that and dealing with it on his own. He's taking responsibility for his schoolwork, too, and being more proactive and responsible in general. We're figuring out who we are, and I'm feeling a lot more hope that we can grow together instead of apart.

Thank you guys for rooting for us and giving us so much support! You are all amazing.


How have you grown recently, GT? Tell me all about it!

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