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Celebrate Kim Davis?

I have often, here and elsewhere, compared the kicking and screaming of right-wing homophobes in these interesting times to the stragglers of the Imperial Japanese army, hiding in the hills and continuing to fight a lost war for thirty years:



True believers all. Suspicious and fearful, retreating ever farther away from population centers, coming down only to raid a local farm for a chicken or two.


Well, homophobes in America are certainly far more numerous, but they’re no less dead-enders. This Salon article suggests we should view l’Affaire Kim Davis in a celebratory light, and I think it makes an interesting case:

“Ultimately, though, our response to Kim Davis should be one of rejoicing. People like her are becoming an irrelevance in our national life. Fifty years from now, our children and grandchildren will hear stories about her ilk and they will recoil. They will shake their heads and wonder how such things could have been. Compared to the wonders of that moment, Kim Davis is nothing.”

What do you think? Too sunny? Gay people can still be fired from their jobs just for being gay in a third of the country. And why should anyone have to wait fifty years? Why not recoil now?

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