We may have done a thread earlier in the week for self-promotion, but I think we all deserve another one. What are you proud of today, GT? What do you deserve a self-high-five for?

I have a history of being super hard on myself and not giving myself credit for the good that I'm doing or have done in the past, so I have been challenging myself to make lists of six things I am proud of for the day at least 3-4 times a week. I woke up feeling kind of gross and sad and it's times like this that I REALLY don't feel like being kind to myself or like I deserve it... so here's my six things that I am going to try to focus on instead of feeling like an a-hole for my perceived shortcomings.

1. Depression is kicking my butt this week. That is okay. I have still gotten up every day this week, showered, eaten, and gone to school. Today especially I felt like garbage emotionally upon waking up, but I made myself eat some eggs, put clothes and makeup on, fixed my hair, and drove down to the coffee shop so that I could out and about in the fresh air and around other human faces even if I'm still hanging out solo. It's better than staring at the wall in my apartment.

2. I thought there was potential for a relationship between me and a guy friend, and I spent some extra time with him this past week kind of trying to feel things out and discovered that romance is not really something in the cards for us. I am still really glad that I considered it and spent some more time with him to find out for sure. In the past, I would have gotten freaked out and avoided him or talked myself in/out of something that may or may not have been right for me out of fear. I feel like I was honest with myself and him, and it helps me get more comfortable having verbal intimacy with men, which is scary for me.

3. I haven't had anything sugary this week, outside of one small bite of a creme brulee that my friend had a few days ago.


4. I did a solid 4 hours of cleaning and organizing yesterday. I took a huge mound of clothing that was just balled up on my floor, sorted it out, hung things up, separated my laundry, moved all of my winter clothes into storage, and cleaned out my three storage closets.

5. I did seven straight days of practice for French on duolingo and hit my XP goal for 6 out of 7. I want to study abroad in a French speaking country within the next two years so it's helping set me up to be successful in one of my big dreams.


6. I made some Easter plans for next weekend that have nothing to do with my family. There's a shitload of drama going on as some of you may remember but I have done a very good job of removing myself from it completely. The one cousin that I have a good strong relationship with and I are going to have dinner next weekend, probably just the two of us. I may roast a chicken and invite her over to my place. Friday, I'm also going to my friend's Passover seder which I also attended last year and had a blast at, and Sunday I will be going to church by myself and then to a bbq for my friend's birthday with some other good friends. That's a lot of good stuff to look forward to.

What do you deserve a pat on the back for today, GT?