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Celebrities and Pictures of Children

I am sure some of you have been following Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard's campaign against paparazzi taking unauthorized pictures of children. And well, it's left a really me feeling a little annoyed because while I believe that Bell and Shepard are being genuine, it seems a really convenient bandwagon for the celebrities who aren't. And for the most part, this is me about the whole thing

Say, the Farmer's Market or Robertson or the Pumpkin Patch are all places that celebs hit with their children knowing full well that paparazzi will be there and WILL take pictures. It is part and parcel of the PR train. Children are a great way to humanize a celebrity that has gotten in trouble for whatever reason. If Brad and Angie can keep her diagnosis and medical treatment locked down for 6 months? If Beyonce can record and release an album with zero pap knowledge? If Tom and Katie could keep Suri wrapped up tight for months before her official picture? I find it difficult to believe that a B lister can't head to the grocery without a picture of her children winding up in People (with perfectly blown out hair and a child in a matching ensemble) Perhaps, choose a place other than Ralphs?


I find it disingenuous to use your children one day and then complain about it the next. And apparently, so does People Magazine. If People Magazine is calling you out on your hypocritical nonsense celebrities? You may have a problem.

For the record, I think the Paparazzi can be vile and awful creatures who stalk and intimidate people to get the best shot. I think rules governing when and where pictures can be taken are a great idea. I think pictures of underage children should always be at the discretion of the parent/guardians. I am mainly addressing the hypocritical behavior of a large number of celebrities and their PR teams on the matter.

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