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Celebrity sightings?

I go to NY a LOT for doctors’ appointments, and earlier this year I was going almost every day, and yet people who have never lived in the area have had way more random celebrity encounters while visiting than I have! Maybe it’s cause I have zero awareness of other humans around me unless they are creeping on my space or walking infuriatingly slowly in front of me.

I do think I saw Wyatt Cenac one time a few years ago. He was talking to someone and unchaining his bike. I am like.. 96% sure it was him.

Today I MAY have had another celebrity sighting, but I’m less sure of it, cause it was so quick. We were walking in opposite directions on the subway platform when our eyes met for a split second and my brain very rapidly shifted into “AVOID STRANGER EYE CONTACT” gear but .0005 seconds later was like wait, WHAT? Was that ADA Barba also known in the real world as Raúl Esparza?! But when I turned to do a double take I was looking at the back of his head, so I’ll never know for sure.


So TL;DR today I either made eye contact with minor celebrity for .05 seconds or I saw some random guy.

Anyone have better celeb stories?

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