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Check out these [actual creator approved!] fan-arts of Hey Arnold and Rugrats characters in their 20's, all done by the talented Celeste Pille. According to the accompanying blurbs she writes, it seems like these kids have some good heads on their shoulders and are doing the kinds of things most of us non-fictional twenty-somethings dream of. Ya know, when we're not crying into into our off-brand cereal and stolen netflix accounts.


She's also got Recess, Pepper Ann, Magic School Bus, and more! Tim, Wanda, and Carlos...my, how you've grown....

So, Ummm....why is everyone a sexy hipster? I don't know, but it's making my childhoods feel funny. For example:


MOOSE, is that you?? Why am I disturbed and aroused at the same time?!?!?

You know what else makes my parts feel funny? Catwoman in this fan-art. Fierceness and foineness personified.

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