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Cell Phones are ruining concerts

I should have known going to a concert where an artist was popular with one song on the radio that the crowd was going to be a little worse than normal. Not only was everyone talking loudly throughout but the cell phones that are always an issue were even worse than normal.

I got there late so my back would not have to deal with standing in one spot for a long time. Being short I was happy to find a good standing spot where I could actually see. Sadly the woman in front of me decided she wanted to record EVERY DAMN SONG with her cell phone so my view was blocked with her arm and phone almost the whole show. To make things worse she was not watching the show half the time her phone was in the air she was making out with her boyfriend.... and sometimes he had his phone up recording.

When popular radio song came on every damn person in the place had their phones up to record it so all you could see was a sea of arms and phones.


Then there was the people next to me taking selfies and the bright flashes going off.

All of this was very distracting from the actual music and that was too bad because the artist was very very good live. Like one of the best artists I've seen and I've been to a lot of shows. He also had about 4 woman on stage who sang back up (some of them were musicians as well) who were amazingly talented and I wanted him to leave the stage and let them sing for a bit.

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