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Subtext: I don't know the difference between Jezebel and Groupthink and I'd like to keep it that way, because you all fucking suck.


Are you one of "those people" who thinks this gif is funny? Do you think discrimination is funny?

Well, do you?

Because it's not. And by enjoying this gif you are jumping on the bandwagon of all those POCs who think it is totally OK to harass well-intentioned white people for doing things like going to a country full of brown people and gawking at them.

White people are people too, you know. They have the right to go to wherever it is that you all live and take pictures of you doing all those things you do. They have the right to talk about those things you do, too, and to broadcast/warp them through the narrow lens of white supremacy and how DARE you take that right away from them?

When you seek to silence white opinions, especially white women's opinions, there is a word for this. It is reverse racism. Reverse, sexist racism. This is not a joke. Proof:

This one time I was talking to a POC friend of mine and she told me that as a white woman, I could never understand her lived experience. And I immediately took issue with that.

I said, GURL, I experience just as much discrimination as you do, maybe not about that whole "being a latina" thing, (or whatever she is), but I know exactly what you experience.

And she looked at me and said, Okay, and rolled her eyes at me. ROLLED HER EYES. She completely discounted my perspective. I can't even believe this reverse racist, sexist bullshit I'm getting from people who are supposed to be on my side!

—"Cynthia" (some names have been changed)

This is a disturbing trend I've seen on Groupthink/Jezebel/whatever you people call it. White lady says something truly profound and you all discount it because she is "racist" and "ethnocentric" and "biased" or "writing from a colonial context".


And I have seen the harassment leveled at women who are honest about these kinds of things. LIBEL. By disagreeing with this opinion you are LITERALLY breaking the law. Harassment is illegal.

Threatening me is ILLEGAL. Don't fear the truth, people. Read these words and understand that your criminal behavior will not be tolerated in this case. Your lawlessness is unconscionable.

Shame on you, Jezebel/Groupthink/whatever you people call yourselves.

Shame on you.

(Major props to Ubertrout/C.A. Pinkham for helping with this post. ;)


Sorry, guys. My bad on the gif citation help. Here you go. Stenberg, Amandla

"Reverse Racism LOLZ U MAD BRO." Awards Show Red Carpet. The Internet, TI, Always 2014.

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