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Central Texas Groupthinkers- We're Hanging Out: Get on Board

ETA: Thanks to Whosits advice, I'm declaring myself in charge of this! If this is not the case- let me know; I get bossy and super organized binders out quickly!

I would really like to hang out with you guys sometime (maybe early October?)! I live in Cedar Park/Leander, but since that's just North Austin- I think we should all hang out!


1) I'd be happy to be in charge of a Groupthink CenTx meetup- I've got lots of time and could figure out something between everyone's busy schedules/desired meeting points.

2) I'm awesome at finding things on days/during times when traffic is not AS TERRIBLE as normal & that fit our budgets.

So, yay/nay? Thoughts....

I set up this email: groupthinkcentxmeetup@gmail.com so that anyone interested could send me their username and connect it to an email address (it doesn't matter if it's a burn one you create just for this purpose) so that we can keep updated on plans without spamming all of GT with ideas, changes, etc. If you're anywhere else and travel through from time-to-time, feel free to join!


ETA: Once we get this rolling- I am happy to facilitate traveling Groupthink-er visiting meetups or hangouts, including but not limited to BlueAlaskan making it up from Houston!



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